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Finance guide
Finance guide

Explore the Finance role in Yokoy: review expenses, invoices, and company card transactions, as well as analyze and create reports.

What is a Finance review?Finance review occurs when the finance team checks expenses and invoices; typically, it takes place after the business approval.
What is the Finance role and how does the Finance menu work?As a Finance user, you can review and manage expenditures and export them.
Getting started as a Finance UserDiscover the basics of the Finance user role: reviewing expenses and card transactions.
How can I search for an expense or invoice?As a finance user, there are two ways you can search for expenses, trips, and invoices.

How does a card transaction differ from an expense?
Which company card types are there?
Which card transaction types are there?
Which card transaction statuses are there?
How does the card transaction management process work?
What is the role of a Finance user in managing card transactions in Yokoy?
How do I manage card transactions?
How do I import card transactions?
Where can I see unmatched card transactions?
Where do I see unmatched card expense reports?
Where do I find matched expense reports again if the report has been matched and reviewed?
Where can I find out which employees are affected by the unmatched transactions?
How does the reconciliation process work?
Do I need to do a manual reconciliation?
Will I receive a card statement for my company card transactions?
How can I combine multiple transactions into one?
How can I split combined transactions from each other?
How can I export reviewed card transactions?Following the Finance review, reviewed card transactions are moved to the Finance > Export tab and have the status "ready for export".
How can I match multiple receipts to one transaction?
How can I delete card transactions?
How do I book a transaction as a private expense paid with company card?
How does matching happen?
Why am I unable to manually match a transaction with an expense report?
When are card transactions converted to a different currency?
Why do the expense amount and transaction amount differ from each other?
Why do some transactions include the foreign currency charge, whereas other transactions separate it?
What do I do if I see a transaction with an unfamiliar card number?
How can I filter company card transaction data?Use the filter function to easily sort transactions and expenses before reconciling.
Which amount is exported for booking?
Are transactions deleted after export?
How can I download the list of transactions that weren't exported to the ERP system?
How can I move an company card expense report from export back into review?Missed something in the card transaction? Move it back to the review phase so you can adjust it before exporting.
How do I change the payment method of a card expense report?