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Common troubleshooting
Common troubleshooting

Having trouble when using Yokoy? Here you find the answers to the most common issues.

Yokoy isn’t working. What do I do?Unable to submit an expense or invoice? Can‘t get the Yokoy page to load? Here‘s what to do...
Getting technical supportHaving technical issues with expense, invoice or pay? Here‘s what to do...
I have trouble activating my accountAn error occurs when clicking on the Yokoy activation link in your email? Don't worry, this is how to solve the issue.
I have issues when using the Yokoy web appWhenever you have problems with the Yokoy web app - be it processing issues or the page is displayed incorrectly - here's what to do.
My web browser can't load the Yokoy websiteThere are several reasons why your browser is unable to load the Yokoy website. Here, you can find out how to solve the problem.
Why is the automatic matching not working?There are several reasons why the automatic matching fails. You can find the most common reasons here.
My expense with the status "Ready for export" cannot be exportedRead this article to find out how this issue can be fixed quickly and easily.
Why am I getting in-app notifications in English instead of my set language?In-app notifications are our way of alerting you to new or existing features and giving you more information about them.
Checking Yokoy service statusIf you find that Yokoy seems to be slow to upload expenses and invoices, you can check for possible incidents.